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It’s about babies
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To the editor:   

This is a response to the lady who wrote last week that she thinks we should vote No on Aug. 2nd. She said that our Kansas abortion laws are just fine and that we should not change anything about them.    

Well, I and a whole lot of other people in Kansas don’t agree that abortion is a normal procedure to accept as apparently you and others do. Does taking a baby’s life seem normal? Does anyone remember that saying when George H W Bush was running for President in 1982? Bill Clinton’s strategist James Carville said, “It’s the economy, stupid.”    

Well, “it’s about babies, stupid.” It’s not a clump of cells or tissue like college professors who can’t think for themselves have told you. Think for yourself! Before 1973 didn’t we all know that a baby was a special person? I suggest we get back on the right track and vote “Yes” on Aug. 2nd. I’m saying to all of us, “It’s the babies, stupid.”

Jim Hulsey