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Subscriber Delivery Issue

Missing or damaged paper? 

We hope not, but if this happens, please fill out the following form or call Circulation at 620-792-1211 to let us know. 

You may opt to have your paper redelivered or credit added to your account. 

Same day redelivery is available Tuesday through Friday 6 a.m. – 10 a.m.* 

FOR SUNDAY redelivery CALL Circulation at 620-792-1211 before 9 a.m*

*Same day redelivery is not available in all areas.

Please let us know what type of issue you have. If you need to provide more information please complete the information box below.
Would you like us to redeliver your paper, credit to your account or someone to contact you?
Please complete if you selected other from the drop down menu or if you wish to provide additional information.