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Neat bird
There is a lot going on in the marsh! Duck season is open. Hunters are camped at the site west of headquarters. It is worth a drive-by just to see the gear they bring. Lots of toys are important to waterfowl hunters. Look at the license plates—we have hunters from a lot of different places. The motels are busy and the restaurants are glad to see the customers. There is a lot of pressure on these ducks and geese—our tourism people have been busy. I suspect that the commissioners will look at this situation someday—a lot of states require an application for a time frame (pheasants in South Dakota for instance) to hunt. I wonder about the sustainability of our marsh to handle this many hunters. We also have some very talented and dedicated outfitters around the marsh. There is also the issue of local guys having to struggle to hunt. There is always something that needs tweaking—I have a lot of faith in our department and their sincere concern for our invaluable resources. Brace yourself for the migrating Whooping Cranes in the near future that will shut things down if they decide to grace us with their presence. I have my big lens on standby for their arrival.
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