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GB Garden Club learns of birthday flowers
Courtesy photo Carnations, shown here in a bouquet, have special meaning as a birthday gift.

At their January Garden Club meeting, nine members enjoyed a lesson presented by member Nancy Williams, learning about which flowers are considered “flowers of the month” as birthday bouquets.

In January, Carnations and Snowdrops are suggested as birthday gifts as they represent love and remembrance.

In February, because they both bloom during the cold months, the Violet which symbolized remembrance and everlasting love and the Primrose, a small woodland plant, which symbolized protection, safety, and love, are used in birthday bouquets.

The daffodil, or its smaller version the jonquil, represents a deep unequaled love and, as a harbinger of spring, makes a good birthday bouquet for March.

With spring in full swing, Daisies and Sweet Peas are ready to express happy plans and intrigue and the Sweet Peas have such a pleasant fragrance that they make a wonderful addition to an April birthday bouquet.

For a May birthday, Lily of the Valley and Hawthorn embody the hopes and dreams of the giver. Completely different in size, the tiny Lily of the Valley signifies sweetness and humility and the blossoms of the large Hawthorn bush suggest that the sender wants only the best for the recipient.

The birthday flowers for June are the most fragrant of all – the Rose and the Honeysuckle. Roses have different meaning depending on their color and a single red rose means, “I REALLY love you!” Honeysuckle is a strong symbol for everlasting love.

July calls for gifts of the bold blooms of Larkspur and Water Lilies. Larkspur indicates strong bonds of love with the different colors having their individual meanings and a Water Lily in a bowl would represent purity and majesty.

August’s bright showy flowers express the essence of summer days. Gladiolus indicates the heart is “pierced with love” and the Poppy wishes wealth and success.

September brings a clear choice for birthday bouquet givers. The Aster symbolized powerful love and the Morning Glory suggests affection.

Marigolds and Cosmos are October’s birthday bouquet flowers.  Although Marigolds once traditionally symbolized grief and despair, now their shinny colors represent optimism and prosperity. Cosmos bouquets offer peace, order, and serenity.

November suggests only one flower for a birthday bouquet, the Chrysanthemum. Mums reflect a variety of fall colors and have had different meanings throughout the years in different places around the world, but specific colors now have similar meanings as the different colored roses: red – “I love you”, white – pure love, and yellow – “slighted love.”

December brings the end of the year and birthday bouquets of Holly (an evergreen shrub) and Narcissus (a bulb). Both symbolize hope. Holly’s special hope is for domestic happiness and the Narcissus expresses hope that the recipient will always stay the way they are. Interesting reasons for birthday gifts of flowers.

Garden Club President, Nancy Williams, conducted a short business meeting and refreshments were furnished by Sharon East.  

The next meeting of Garden Club will be at 10 a.m. on Feb. 17, in the meeting room of the Senior Center. Pam Sweeney will have the program and Alice Young will serve as hostess. Visitors are invited and welcome.