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City needs to invest more in repairing city's streets
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Dear editor,

To the Great Bend City Council:

Noted on the front page of the Great Bend Tribune, Thursday, April 18, 2019, is the breaking news article, “Money raised for Fourth fireworks show.” Christina Hays has done so much for our community and is such a great asset, maybe you should consider having her start a GoFundMe page for street funds, to repair our streets. I have lived in Great Bend for 60 years and have never seen our streets in such bad shape. Starting on the west side of Broadway to the east, to Kiowa Road, and from 2nd Street and Main to the north, to 32nd Street, pot holes are everywhere. The Tribune has reported that the city is aware of the problem and we should be patient in their repair, but it is obvious that is not going to happen anytime soon. 10th Street is one of our main thoroughfares with three interconnected highways and is traveled by thousands passing through our town. You can only imagine what they must think of our town, and its infrastructure, allowing the streets to deteriorate in such a way. There are probably more potholes in our streets, than residents of our town. If the city can spend $5,000 of our tax money to see it go up in smoke on July 3, its about time to get serious about fixing the streets. The first part of March, we received our tax valuation notices from the Barton County Appraiser, most of which show an increase which means more tax income for the county and city, from us. It sure would be nice if I could travel on smooth streets, on my way to the courthouse, to pay my higher taxes!

David Doonan

Great Bend