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Freedom is not free
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To the editor,

We have an evil in this country that is trying to destroy everything that we hold dear.

They are attacking our very way of life. The father of our country our national anthem, our flag and now John Wayne. John Wayne was a true American. One of a kind. He was a man not without fault, not without human feelings and certainly not without mistakes. But nevertheless a man and a great American. Now the evil element wants to destroy his memory. If California lets this happen they do not deserve to be part of this great nation. The evil people will try to destroy us with any means. Good people and fellow Americans do not let this happen. This is not about black and white, it is about evil and good. A few days ago in New York there was a 92 year old lady walking down the street peacefully, causing no problem when a young black man knocked her to the ground for no reason. Not because she was white and not because he was black. But because he was evil. This man is not defined by the color of his skin but by the evil in his heart. Our freedom was earned and paid for with a very high price. There are those that don’t want to contribute to the cost of freedom, they want to take what we have earned and with the complacency of liberal politicians they have a leg up on getting what they want. Come on good people of America. Black, white, brown whatever you may be. It is time to learn respect for fellow Americans and fight the evil together.

Freedom is not free. Sometimes it comes with a very high price.

Bernard Levings

Great Bend