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Protect gray wolves
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To the editor:

Dear Secretary Haaland:

You have no doubt been contacted by folks pleading with you to protect gray wolves in northwest America. It would, as you know, take an effort of two or three sentences to authorize such protection. Continuing to delay in authorizing protection of wolves will result in further incidents such as the one in the Daniel, Wyo., area – where Cody Roberts recently tortured and killed a juvenile female gray wolf. The torture and killing has been posted in newspapers around the world (eg: April 10, 2024, issue of The Guardian, United Kingdom). To date, Roberts has only been fined $250.

Citizens of the area have condemned Roberts’ actions. As a retired clinician, I can share that research shows that individuals who torture animals are capable of transferring their cruelty to human beings. I am asking you to assign one of your staff to investigate grounds for taking federal action against Cody Roberts – not only to protect animals under government protection from such cruelty, but to protect the citizens of Wyoming. Since the authorities in Wyoming appear to have no grounds for taking action against Roberts, I am appealing to you as representative of the federal government to use your authority to initiate action to protect wolves from future cruelty like that perpetrated by Roberts. I am also asking you to sign an official authorization to protect gray wolves in the northwestern states.

The cruelty perpetrated by Cody Roberts shames all Americans across the spectrum regardless of geography or background.

Forest A. Ormes