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With regulation, solar energy can work
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To the editor:

I want to thank the County officials, both the Planning and Zoning Committee as well as the County Commissioners, for all of their hard work to build solar regulations. It isn’t easy to balance all of the interests and yet bring investment into our county.

“Barton Invests in Growth” is at the top of the County letters. Growth is exactly what I recently read about with the Dodge City solar project. I also recently saw an ad from Wheatland Electric, about the benefits of adding solar in our homes. This energy is generated in Johnson County, in western Kansas.

If solar is so bad, then why is it the fastest growing energy source in America? Yes, even in the “Red” states, like Texas. Solar is quiet and emits no odor. Panels are designed to absorb the sun, not reflect it, and generates at the highest level in the heat of the day, when electric usage is at its greatest.

There are already solar units as well as oil pumping units within feet of Cheyenne Bottoms. Clearly, all forms of energy can co-exist with nature. Barton County was built on the hard working backs of those in the oil industry, and agricultural industry. Let us not forget that!

What a great opportunity for Barton County to be pioneers in this renewable solar energy.

Chris Clasen

Great Bend