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Stock Stone Lake with game fish
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To the editor:

Here it is another year and people are buying hunting and fishing licenses. The prices are going up and people wonder where the money goes to. The only thing a lot of us are wondering, is the money going to more chemicals in Vets Lake, because nothing is being done at Stone Lake.

Now a lot of us have been told the Stone Lake is out of sight, out of mind, and that is why we can’t get trout or any other good size fish put down there. We even ask a lot of people that are in control of Stone Lake to put signs up down there. Like no ATVs, no dirt bikes, no off-road vehicles. But they say it costs too much money. But they still put a lot of money at Vets Lake with no problem. 

Then if you look at Vets Park there is really no place for the handicapped or the elderly to fish, unless they walk a good distance. Now at Stone Lake on the south side you can park, get out of your vehicle and maybe walk a few feet and you are at the water. 

The reason I am writing this letter is for some answers. Why can’t they put the trout and other game fish in Stone Lake so it’s easier for the handicapped and elderly to fish, instead of walking 200 feet to the water at Vets Park?

Rick B. Allen

Great Bend