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Vote out liberal socialist traitors
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To the editor:

During the last few months of President Trump’s term of office, I became very concerned about the future of our country. I thought that Biden’s handlers were socialist traitors who would intentionally destroy the United States, changing our Democratic Republic into a socialist or communist country if they were allowed to do so.

To try to prevent this, I wrote hundreds of letters to editors of newspapers, educators, politicians, and ministers discussing my concerns. It seemed that no one listened and I was appalled when Biden was elected. I really thought for a period of time that all was lost. Then, it dawned on me that if I was right and the Biden administration was the disaster I thought it would be that his election might be the very best thing that could happen to preserve our Democratic way of life. People could actually experience the disaster rather than just hear others talk about it and actually see where our country was headed under these traitors.

I believe that this is happening and positive change is imminent. Every time we go to the grocery store, gas station, or try to buy a house or a car, we see how things have rapidly gone to hell in the last year. The increased prices and lack of supplies on the shelves are frightening. But the very frightening thing is that this is possibly just the beginning. If the Democrats are allowed to pass their massive spending bills and our people continue to refuse to work, our national debt will continue to rise, increasing the ratio between national debt and gross domestic product, leading to further inflation or, more probably, serious depression. This will further open the door to communism.

Everything the Democrats have done in the last year has been detrimental to America and the American people. They have nothing to stand on, so we have to be very careful. They are unscrupulous and will create false crises like the stupidity of January 6th to change the focus of our voters. January 6th was stupid, but it was not the catastrophe the Democrats are trying to create to discredit the Republicans. They will try to create new legions of voters who know nothing about our country or our needs as evidenced by the border fiasco, bringing millions of illegal aliens into the United States taking money and jobs from Americans and promoting amnesty so these people will be able to vote, hoping to increase their chance to win. They will try to make it legal for criminals to vote, promote mail in ballots and drop boxes while discouraging the legitimacy of voter ID. They will do anything they can to manipulate the voting system to harvest more votes. It is the only way they can possibly win based on their record.

I believe that yesterday was a big day for America and Democracy. We owe a big thank you to Senators Joe Manchin and Kyrsten Sinema for standing up to the intimidation of the Democrats and doing the right thing. I know nothing about these two Senators, but I certainly respect and support their patriotic courage in this particular incident.

We need many more courageous patriots to step up and do the right thing. 

Let’s turn this country red during the upcoming midterms, voting out the liberal socialist traitors and starting this country on the road to new economic, political, educational and social successes.


Don McCullough