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Hoisington girls wrestling competes at Nickerson
Hoisington Tally Wikum.jpg
Hoisington's Tally Wikum pins Ashylnn Winchell of Liberal. - photo by Hugo Gonzalez



1—Pratt 179.5; 2—Dodge Coty 170.5; 3—Hoisington 142.5; 4—Wichita North 107.5; 5—Smoky Valley 93.5; 6—Buhler 65; 7—Halstead 58.5; 8—Chaparral 58; 9—Stockton 56; 10—Remington 36.5; 12—Stafford 28.5; 14—Ellinwood 15


100—Bailey George, H (4-16), 4TH; George pinned Will, ES, 1:24; Beltran, DC pinned George, 0:27; Ramirez, DC pinned George, 1:26; Northup, Stockton pinned George, 1:02

110—Madaline Kolas, H (7-24); Peters, SV pinned Kolas, 1:00; Northup, Stockton pinned Kolas, 0:42; Alonso, DC pinned Kolas, 1:06; Arango, WN def. Kolas, 10-5

115—Paige Schwartz, H (20-6), 2ND; Schwartz def. Made, Ellis, 11-3; Schwartz pinned Fountain, WN, 4:45; Schwartz pinned Freeman, Pratt, 1:57;  Schwartz pinned Evans, Remington, 2:33;  1ST—Kenzlie Crain, SV pinned Schwartz, 5:31

120—Kiana Grandclair, H (28-3), 2ND; Grandclair pinned Johnson, Remington, 0:44; Grandclair pinned Alonso, DC, 3:29; Grandclair def. Webb, Pratt, 18-3; Grandclair def. Reed, SV, 10-1; 1ST—Ashlyn Hahn, Stockton pinned Grandclair, 1:28

125—Lillian Gradig, H (16-9), 2ND; Gradig pinned Leckenby, Stafford; Gradig pinned Wagner, Remington, 1:45;  Gradig pinned Schneider, Nickerson, 0:25; Gradig pinned Applegate, Buhler, 4:23; 1ST—Gracelyn Hembree, Pratt pinned Gradig, 4:33

130—Daijah Jones, H (30-3), 2ND; Jones pinned Gaskill, SV, 0:47; Jones pinned Frank, ES, 0:34; Jones pinned Urista, WN, 4:29; Jones pinned Yates, DC, 4:58; 1ST—Jadyn Thompson def. Pratt Jones, 1-0

135—Clair Birzer, H (9-15); Mullen, SV pinned Birzer, 0:55; Candia, Pratt pinned Birzer, 0:15; Martinez, Remington pinned Birzer, 3:21; Ontiveros, TMP pinned Birzer, 0:42

140—Tally Wikum, H (22-5), 2ND; Tyler, WN def. Wikum, 3-2; Thompson, Pratt pinned Wikum, 1:09; Wikum pinned Miller, Pratt, 0;08; Wikum pinned Parks, Buhler, 1:26; Wikum pinned Garcia, DC, 0:45

155—Peyton Schneider, H (11-10), 7TH; Lanning, Stafford pinned Schneider, 1:03; Primrose, Pratt pinned Schneider, 0:59; Schneider pinned Pope, Halstead, 1:45; Baker, Pratt pinned Schneider, 0:30; 7TH—Schneider pinned Martin, Stafford, 3:35

170—Zayda Urban, H (14-15), 6TH; Armstrong, Halstead pinned Urban, 3:11; Almaraz, DC pinned Urban, 0:55; Urban pinned Taylor, Pratt, 0:40; 5TH—Newman, Halstead pinned Urban, 2:00

190—Yessica Esquivel, H (11-12), 5TH; Haley, Chaparral def. Esquivel, 2-0; Martinez, WN pinned Esquivel, 5:11 Esquivel def. Tresner, Pratt, injury; 5TH—Esquivel pinned Long, Stockton, 2:25

235—Amerie Hinz, H (10-10), 1ST; Hinz pinned Dick, Nickerson, 2:41; Hinz pinned Brown, WN, 3:32; Thompson, Halstead pinned Hinz, 3:52