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‘A Warning’ is timely nonfiction
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To the editor:

As most of you know or maybe even experienced, I was an English teacher at GBHS for years and assigned many books to read. Old habits are hard to break. Republican or Democrat, Trump lover or hater, please read “A Warning” by Anonymous before all the nasty campaigning and your trip to the ballot box next November. The book is well written, an easy read, and should be read in its entirety – even the epigraphs. Please get past that the author chose to remain anonymous other than to indicate he/she is Republican. I believe in Washington’s current atmosphere that that is probably the only way the truth in this book could have been written. Historically, great and timely pieces of nonfiction have been written anonymously in times of crisis and have made a difference. Please read, digest, discuss, agree or disagree with parts, and even share with others for the sake of the America we all love and cherish.  

Crystal K. Cross

Great Bend