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Central Prairie names all-league football team
St. John 20
St. John Tiger Caden McCandless (20) works for yardage against Fairfield Falcon defenders Azeke Cochran (10) and Jacob Bauman (79).

Macksville, Otis-Bison, Central Plains and Ellinwood were represented on the first team All-Central Prairie League football team.

Macksville QB/LB/punt return Ryan Kuckelman was joined by the Oilers’ DB/utility Cole Lamatsch and punter Dawson McNeal; Otis-Bison’s utiloity/kick return Christian Roth and WR Dalton Regan and Ellinwood DL Devan Komarek. 

Macksville’s Kuckelman accounted for 1,464 yards rushing and 21 touchdowns, 614 yards passing and nine scores. He averaged 9 tackles per game and had 202 punt return yards. 

Lamatsch passed for 267 yards and five scores and had 234 yards receiving and seven TDs. McNeal averaged 35 yards per punt. Roth rushed for 301 with five scores and had 202 yards in kickoff returns. 

Regan scored five touchdowns and gaind 33 yards receiving. Komarek averaged 7 tackles and garnared nine tackles for losses.

CENTRAL PRAIRIE *unanimous selection


VICTORIA— *DL/C Tanis Brungardt, 11; *RB Nate Windholz, 12; RB/LB Carson Werth, 11; TE Seth Schwien, 10; OL Vance Hockersmith, 11; DB Taylor Anderson, 11; LB Grant Schroenrock, 12

LA CROSSE—*RB/DB Colby Stull, 12; *OL/LB Cooper Barriger, 12; OL Deagan Andrews, 12; PK Devyn Braun, 11   

OTIS-BISON—Utility/kick return Christian Roth, 12; WR Dalton Regan, 12

CENTRAL PLAINS—*DB/Utility Cole Lamatsch, 12; Punter Dawson McNeal, 12

KINSLEY—*WR/DB Levi Taylor, 12; DL Dylan Haselhorst, 10

ELLINWOOD—DL Devan Komarek, 12

MACKSVILLE—QB/LB/punt return Ryan Kuckelman, 11

NESS CITY—DL Casen Marshall, 12


NESS CITY—RB Danny Guzman, 11; TE Gavin Schreiber, 12; WR/DB Jackson Seib, 12; Ol J.C. Payne, 12;  DB Jose Guzman, 12; RB Alex Pavlu, 12

MACKSVILLE—RB Hector Gomez, 9; WR/DB Rogelio Ibarra, 11; OL Fabian Ortiz, 12; OL Isaiah Rose, 12; DL Gusatvo Portillo, 11 

VICTORIA— QB Grant Schroenrock, 12; PK/kick return Carson Werth, 11; DL Seth Schwien, 10; DL Vance Hockersmith, 11

KINSLEY—RB/LB Conner Chamberlain, 10; C/DL Tysen Schmitt, 12; punter Xavier Holguin, 12; OL/DL Kaden Arensman, 10   

CENTRAL PLAINS—Punt return Cole Lamatsch, 12; kicker Dawson McNeal, 12; DL Hunter Green, 12

LA CROSSE—LB Deagan Andrews, 12; TE Devyn Braun, 11; Utility Gage Burk, 10;    

OTIS-BISON—LB/punter Kaden Foust, 12; DB Dalton Regan, 12; DL Eston Juno, 10; 

ELLINWOOD—WR Cody Zink, 12; LB Cole Petz, 12

ST. JOHN—RB Caden McCandless, 11; OL Adrian Adame, 12


MACKSVILLE—Utility Jason Cleveland, 10; kicker Rogelio Ibarra, 11

NESS CITY— C Casen Marshall, 12; LB Gavin Schreiber, 12 

OTIS-BISON—QB Kaden Foust, 12; TE Eston Juno, 10; LB Christian Roth, 12 

CENTRAL PLAINS—RB Dawson McNeal, 12; TE Hunter Green, 12

ELLINWOOD—DL Jonathon Mason, 10; kicker Moritz Jaehme, 11

VICTORIA—DB Nate Windholz, 12; DB Thaddeus Wohler, 11 

KINSLEY—QB Peyton Schmidt, 10

LA CROSSE—QB Caden Morgan, 10

ST. JOHN—DB Angel Ibarra, 11


Victoria 4-1 10-2

La Crosse 4-1 8-3

Kinsley 2-2 5-4

Macksville 2-2 5-5

Ness City 1-1 3-6

Central Plains 1-2 5-4

Otis-Bison 1-2 4-5

St. John 0-4 0-9