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Panther tennis competes at McPherson
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Panther golf places fourth at Salina.


MCPHERSON — Great Bend's tennis team won five matches at Thursday's challenging McPherson Invitational.

Panther Brendyn Schroeder won two matches and placed 10th with an 8-2 loss to Salina South's Cayden Cassel. Great Bend's Jordan Manning placed 12th with an 8-6 loss to Winfield's Lane Dobbs.

Panthers Carlos Jacobo/Caden Bieker placed 14th with an 8-2 loss to Derby's Ben Palivan/Alex  Hedden. Panthers Alex Sandoval/Shiv Karshan placed 15th with an 8-4 victory over Hays High's Logan Daniels/Jack Scoby.

McPherson Red's Jaden Fox downed Mc Red def. Ty Kraemer 8-1 for the singles championship. Newton's Zeke Thompson/Max Musser downed McPherson Red's  Brennan Gipson/Conner Glazier 8-1 for the doubles title.

McPherson Red scored 56 points to edge Newton (55) for first place.


TEAM SCORES—1—McPherson Red 56; 2—Newton 55; 3—Derby 41; 4—Salina South 33; 5—Winfield 31; 6—McPherson White 22; 7—Great Bend 17; Hays High 17


1—Jaden Fox, Mc Red def. Ty Kraemer, Mc Red, 8-1

3—Isaak Bowman, Derby def. Sam Claassen, Newton, 8-4

5—Otis Musser, Newton def. Scott Simmons, Derby, 8-2

7—Noah Everett, Winfield def. Andrew Schrage, SS, 8-3

9—Cayden Cassel, SS def. Brendyn Schroeder, GB, 8-2

11—Lane Dobbs, Winfield def. Jordan Manning, GB, 8-6

13—Gabe Garcia, Hays def. Edgar Alonso, Hays, 8-5

15—Braden Razak, Mc White def. Trent Huff, Mc White, 8-1

FIRST ROUND—Schrage, SS def. Schroeder, 8-7 (7-5); Simmons, Derby def. Manning, 8-2; SECOND ROUND—Schroeder def. Huff, Mc White, 8-1; Manning def. Garcia, Hays, 8-7 (7-3); THIRD ROUND—Schroeder def. Dobbs, Winfield, 8-2; Cassel, SS def. Manning, 8-1


1—Zeke Thompson/Max Musser, Newton def. Brennan Gipson/Conner Glazier, Mc Red, 8-1

3—Jonah Schloneger/Justin Franz, Newton def. Tyler Bontager/Ayden Johnson, Mc White, 8-2

5—Evan Franke/Colby Hedden, Derby def. Miles Hammond/Griffin Peterson, SS, 8-7 (7-3)

7—Alex Houston/Wes Wurm, Mc Red def. Colin Clark/Henry Fitzhum, Hays, 8-1

9—Drake Lowe/P.J. Morris, Winfield def. Noah Heger/Jake Jewers, Winfield, 8-4

11—Josh Evenhart/Conner Olsen, Mc White def. Keegan Exline/Isaac Harper, SS, 8-4

13—Ben Palivan/Alex  Hedden, Derby def. Carlos Jacobo/Caden Bieker, GB, 8-2

15—Alex Sandoval/Shiv Karshan, GB def. Logan Daniels/Jack Scoby, Hays, 8-4

FIRST ROUND—Hammond/Peterson, SS def. Sandoval/Karshan, 8-1; Gipson/Glazier, Mc Red def. Jacobo/Bieker, 8-0; SECOND ROUND—Lowe/Morris, Winfield def. Sandoval/Karshan, 8-1; Exline/Harper, SS def. Jacobo/Bieker, 8-1; THIRD ROUND—Jacobo/Bieker def. Daniels/Scoby, Hays, 8-6; Palivan-Hedden, Derby def. Sandoval/Karshan, 8-1