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New billboard welcomes visitors to Ellinwood

ELLINWOOD — Travelers heading west on U.S. 56 from Chase/Lyons will now be greeted by a captivating addition to the landscape – an updated billboard that offers a snapshot of Ellinwood, Kansas, a historic and thriving rural community. Located at the town’s east entrance on Highway 56, the newly renovated billboard replaces the old “Where Eagles Soar” sign with a fresh design that reflects the growth and development of Ellinwood.

The billboard renovation project was a collaborative effort involving The City of Ellinwood, Sunflower Bank, Forcefield Design, Marks Signs, and a generous donation from the Ellinwood Class of 1968. The project aimed to restore the rusted metal structure of the sign, add vintage-style goose-neck lighting, and introduce a bright new branding style for the City. The city department handled most of the labor, with Forcefield Design providing the design and artwork, Mark Signs handling the installation, and Sunflower Bank assisting with grant writing. Additional funding was donated by the Ellinwood Class of 1968.

The new billboard features a “windy” style, with the title “Ellinwood, since 1872” set against a captivating and idealized depiction of the city’s rural landscape from the 1900s. The design aims to evoke a sense of promise, intention, and grit, inviting visitors to explore all that Ellinwood has to offer. With its rich history, charming storefronts, new hospital, and the upcoming 10-39 Cafe, Ellinwood is a vibrant destination that continues to grow and evolve.

“We are excited to unveil the updated billboard as a symbol of Ellinwood’s revitalization,” said Scott Andersen, Owner and Designer of Forcefield Design & Kansas Earth and Sky Candle Co. “Ellinwood is undergoing a renaissance, and this billboard represents our community’s bright future. We invite everyone to visit Ellinwood and experience it for themselves.”

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Allene Owen and Marla Isern, representing the Class of 1968, present funds for the City of Ellinwood billboard project to City Administrator Chris Komarek.